YNW Melly Crime, Rapper YNW Melly Double Murder Trial Punishment And Details Explained!

Many speculations are being discussed about singer YNW Melly’s release prison. Fans have been looking forward to his release for quite some time, but it has mostly speculations. There is no proof to support it. In the end, the public release by YNW Melly has become a hot topic in the city. For the sake of being precise it’s more than 1628 days since the rapper YNW Melly was detained for allegedly murdering his two friends. However, the case against the rapper hasn’t been concluded as of yet. After a long delay the South Florida-based rapper will be in court to defend his innocence for the double capital murder.

YNW Melly Crime, Rapper YNW Melly Double Murder Trial Punishment And Details Explained!

There’s no doubt in this fact: YNW Melly was among the most talked about rappers of 2019 when he released a popular song with the title Murder in My Mind which quickly became the biggest hit via social networks. The track came out in the midst of the moment when Melly was arrested in connection to his two close friends’ murders on the 13th of February in 2019. Two of the victims are his close friend and fellow members of the group YNW Sakchaser (real real name is Chris Thomas) along with YNW Juvy Chris (real real name is Anthony Williams).

YNW Melly Crime

Melly was arrested. YNW Melly was a result of an investigation lasting five months. According to reports, on the night that his two buddies had been killed YNW Bortlen took William as well as Thomas in his Memorial Hospital located in Miramar, Fa at around 4:25 at night. They were suffering from multiple gunshot wounds at that moment. YNW Bortlen asserted that they were wounded during a drive-by shooting and that the shooters were not identified. After investigating the incident for a period of five months, police determined the possibility that YNW Melly had been the suspected shooter. He was also accused of shooting two of his acquaintances. Police also arrested YNW Melly as well as YNW Bortlen.

Rapper Bortlen was detained in Houston and later extradited back to Florida for trial on charges of murder and complicity in murder. In the statement, Miramar Police stated at that the time that “Jamell Demons a.k.a. YNW Melly & Cortlen Henry were detained and accused of two counts of murder first degree. Their victims Anthony Williams & Christopher Thomas Jr. were killed on the 26th of October, 2018. The investigation, which is backed by evidence from forensics, has found that Demons were responsible for the shooting and killing of Williams & Thomas Jr. and that Demons and Henry set up the scene to look like the scene of a drive-by shooting.”

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