Wolfsburg v Chelsea: Ladies’s Champions League quarter-final – dwell! | Soccer

Wolfsburg: Kiedrzynek, Hendrich, Janssen, Huth, Popp (c), Rauch, Rolfö, Engen, Blomqvist, Pajor, Doorsoun. Subs: Schult, Abt, Jakabfi, Blässe, Saevik, Svava, Wolter, Dickenmann, Van de Sanden, Wedemeyer, Goessling, Cordes.

Chelsea: Berger, Vibrant, Ingle, Carter, Leupolz, Kirby, Eriksson (c), Kerr, Cuthbert, Tougher, Andersson. Subs: Musovic, Telford, Blundell, England, Ji, Reiten, Fleming, Spence, Fox, Beever-Jones.

Referee: Anastasia Pustovoitova (RUS)

For Chelsea, Carter is available in for the suspended Charles and Cuthbert is most popular to Ji in midfield.

For Wolfsburg, Blomqvist is in for the suspended Oberdorf.

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