Egypt transports 22 royal mummies from Egyptian museum in particular ceremony

Egypt has carried out a Golden Parade to maneuver 22 royal mummies from the previous and iconic Egyptian museum to the brand new Nationwide Musuem of Egyptian Civilisation.

Named “Pharaohs’ Golden Parade”, the transport of the kings and queens of Previous Egypt (18 and 4 respectively), was carried out first from oldest to most up-to-date and the parade started at Tahrir sq..

A procession of floats carrying the mummified stays of twenty-two pharaohs, together with Egypt’s strongest historical queen, had been a part of the parade.

Seqenenre Tao II, “the Courageous”, who reigned over southern Egypt some 1,600 years earlier than Christ, was on the primary chariot, whereas Ramses IX, who reigned within the twelfth century BC, introduced up the rear.

One of the crucial well-known pharaohs, Ramses II, who dominated over Egypt for 67 years, and Queen Hatshepsut, probably the most highly effective feminine royal, had been a part of the parade.

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