Coronavirus: Well being Canada points advisory for face masks containing graphene

Well being Canada has issued an advisory and requested distributors to recall masks offered with graphene or biographene in them over potential inhalation dangers.

Graphene is comprised of a single layer of carbon atoms and is taken into account a nanomaterial, that means it’s made from tiny particles, and is reported to have “antiviral and antibacterial properties,” the advisory says.

Well being Canada mentioned it performed a preliminary scientific evaluation after changing into conscious that masks containing graphene had been being offered with COVID-19 well being claims and utilized by adults and kids in colleges and daycares. Well being Canada additionally believes they might have been distributed to be used in well being care settings.

The merchandise affected are listed as “face masks labelled as containing graphene or biomass graphene,” the advisory states. Well being Canada recommends that Canadians not use masks with the substance and to seek the advice of their health-care supplier if they’ve used graphene face masks and have well being considerations – reminiscent of new or unexplained shortness of breath, discomfort or problem respiration.

The group mentioned that their preliminary evaluation of obtainable analysis discovered that inhaled graphene particles had some potential to trigger “early lung toxicity” in animals, however that the potential for individuals to inhale graphene particles – and the associated well being dangers – should not but identified, and should differ with based mostly on masks design.

The well being danger to individuals of any age just isn’t clear, the advisory says, as there are a lot of variables reminiscent of length of publicity and the kind of graphene used. Well being Canada has requested knowledge from masks producers to additional examine the potential well being dangers.

Till the group has accomplished an intensive scientific evaluation and has “established the security and effectiveness of graphene-containing face masks,” the advisory states they’re taking the precaution of eradicating them from the market.

Well being Canada has directed all identified distributors, importers and producers to cease promoting masks containing graphene and to recall affected merchandise, and has written to all provinces and territories advising them to cease the distribution and use of mentioned masks.

Well being Canada has requested that any well being product opposed occasions or complaints concerning graphene face masks be reported to the group. 

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